Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comforting Things

It's been a very stressful day--car problems are such a drag--and tonight I'm seeking comfort. Where do I turn? First and foremost to my kind husband and my furry friends. A purring cat curled up on my lap can make it awkward to type, but compensates with waves upon waves of comfort. A cup of tea and a cranberry-ginger scone were also helpful. A "nursery" dinner of soft scrambled eggs with lots of sharp cheddar accompanied by buttered toast will soothe, as will a hot bath and a good book. If all else fails, there's the WASP cure-all: the well-made cocktail. Since it's May (even though it's cold and rainy in the PNW) that means a gin & tonic.  I love Hendricks, but in an effort to support local craft distillers I am currently using and enjoying Cascadia gin, made right here in Oregon. Very nice herbal flavors, goes well with tonic. I'll save the Hendricks for cucumber-garnished martinis.  I'll worry about the car tomorrow, which is, as Scarlett says, another day.

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