Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Rose Garden

This weekend I visited the display gardens at Heirloom Roses in St Paul, Oregon.

Acres of their beautiful roses in bloom. Amazingly, I managed to escape without buying one, but I did find some I want to add to my garden someday.

This is Elizabeth of Glamis, named for the Queen Mother. Lovely flower, lovely scent.

This is Colette. Beautiful flower, beautiful scent, beautiful name. How could I resist my favorite French novelist?

An entire bed of my beloved Jude the Obscure. The scent was heavenly. I'm afraid Tess isn't going to pass muster, though. In addition to being red, she has a very little fragrance--a real deal-breaker for me.

One of the test roses under development. They should name this one "Morticia." She would love it.

I need a rose arbor. Need.

"Glowing Peace," a hybrid of the "Peace" rose in Schiapperelli pink. The should have named it "Elsa." How lovely would it be to have a rose named for one? Although it's apparently an honor that can be purchased: There was a "Financial Times 50th Anniversary" rose in the garden. Somehow, that's just not the romantic cultivar I want to bring home. 

Rambler colonizing a tree. Again, I need this to happen in my garden, pronto.

Another gorgeous arbor. Really, is that too much to ask? Altogether, a lovely day. Something to dream of, if not aspire to. Someday, when we have a vineyard and need a rose at the end of every row to act as a canary in the coal mine, I can have one of every rose I love. Someday . . .

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